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Say hello to our shop. Its green just like we said it was! Located on the site of Sanctuary Arts in eliot, maine. Our little community is the perfect place to come and spend an afternoon.  Bring your family to enjoy the public sculpture garden and meet the lovely artists that call this place home.


Josh Dow

The foundry guru, Josh is the metal master of the shop. Not only does he love casting molten metal he also gets his kicks using hammers and welders to make metal perform all his wishes. And don't be surprised to see that Josh has named all the tools in the shop. The favorite is dr. good cuts aka the bandsaw.

Jason turgeon

The newest member of the team, Jason comes to us with a background in metalwork and art, sounds like a perfect fit? Well, ya it is. His attention to detail and metalworking skills are shining strong here at GF. We are really excited to have him around to pour some molten goodness and wield the grinders with love.

Lauren Dow

The utility knife of the shop, Lauren is well versed in all the areas of the foundry process. She enjoys filling in the areas that could use an extra hand. When she's not hanging out with the foundry's youngest, Lucas and Ike,  she is probably catching up on some paperwork and smearing some plaster around the shop.

Emily Boucher

Emily is a dedicated team member who has a serious interest in new materials and techniques in mold making. We feel very lucky to have her on our team. She is an avid reader and lover of Japanese culture. She is currently working on a small line of resin toys that are beyond cute.

Bryan Boucher

Bryan has gained wizard status in the world of wax working. His skills are so fine that most artists tear up when they lay eyes upon his work. An avid wax researcher and experimenter, Bryan is here to answer all your waxy questions.

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