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Fine Art Metal Casting


Focusing on producing the highest quality bronze casting for its clients since 2006.

Green Foundry is located in Eliot, Maine, only one hour north of Boston and one hour south of Portland. We specialize in bronze casting, but also offer aluminum and iron. We are able to work within any stage of development that our clients need. We have a skilled team of sculptors and craftspeople ready to complete your project. We are located at Sanctuary Arts art school in Eliot, ME. Green Foundry is a teaching facility as well as a casting service.  Please take a look at our upcoming classes for the next semester here.

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117 Bolt Hill Rd Eliot, ME 03903



Areas of Practice


The world is full of this strong material. Lasting for thousands of years, bronze sculptures are a sure fire way of retaining history and stories. We utilize an alloy called Everdur, which contains Copper, Manganese and Silicon. Excellent for casting, welding and finishing, and with endless patina options.


We founded our shop with the intention of always staying involved with our community and teaching our skills to anyone who shows an inkling of interest. Our partnership with Sanctuary Arts has been the cornerstone of our business and we love teaching courses each semester. Check out our listings here

Mold making

Mold making is a cornerstone of our process. We take your object and make a rubber mold on it from which we will cast a wax copy for our lost wax process. This rubber mold is reusable and will last 10 years or more. If you have rubber mold questions, please feel free to reach out to us and our team would be happy to help.


Iron casting is one of the most team building activities we have here at the shop. Which is probably why we love it so much. Inquire with us about upcoming open houses where we sell sand molds for the public to create their own iron tiles! We also offer iron casting as a service when needed.

Green Practices

The name Green Foundry comes from a few facts, the environment around our shop is lush and green, the building itself is green, and most importantly we adopt an environmentally conscious philosophy to our practices. Including our boil out method of wax removal, and our reclamation of mold material.

Green Foundry made

When we are not busy working on your sculptures, we steal a little bit of time to make some of our own designs. We love to utilize the organic burn out process, which uses actual objects to cast bronze. Check out our previous designs here.


Sculpture is like farming. If you just keep at it,
you can get quite a lot done
— Ruth Asawa


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